What woodwind players have longed for is here - ligatures that are quick to adjust and provide a beautiful sound.

Our thoroughly unique ligature design liberates clarinet and saxophone players from the problems of the past. No more dampened sound due to screw-down reed positioning. No more fluctuating tonal quality. No more time-consuming reed changes. Bois Ligatures delivers a better way to play in the 21st century.


  • Designed by a musician
  • Slips accurately into position and does not slip or stretch
  • Manufactured with high-tech materials
  • Non-screw design
  • Reed vibrates freely with no dampening
  • Studio-engineered to the highest standard of intonation and tonal quality


Bois Ligatures made their debut at the ClarinetFest 2004 and have been seen in School Band and Orchestra Magazine, The International Musician, The Clarinet Journal, JazzTimes Magazine, MMR Magazine, and Music Trades Magazine.

Bois Ligatures has been endorsed by "Lomax Classic Mouthpiece" and "Gennusa Excellente Mouthpiece" companies.


The proof behind this technology lies within its minimal points of contact to allow for optimal reed vibration. When using the Bois ligature, there is a a mere .085" surface-to-surface contact between the ligature and the reed. This allow for a much freer-blowing feel and open tones.

This remarkable design duplicates the reed flexibility previously achievable only with the old string ligature. However, the Bois Ligatures can be applied to the mouthpiece in seconds durable and nearly unbreakable (excellent even for beginners).