Bois Ligatures

The original ring-style ligature celebrates its 10th Anniversary 

'Classique & 'Excellente'



Clarinet & Saxophone

Very Free-Blowing 
More Robust and Open Sound
Better Intonation Throughout the Registers
Warmer Sound with Less Resistance
Enhances Articulation
Better Projection
Good Reed Stability
Very Responsive Higher Register
The Classique original ring-style ligature that allows for the ultimate reed vibration and is very free-blowing.  The ligature only touches on the outside edges of the reed and the backside of the mouthpiece, preventing any dampening and improves the harmonics in your tonal quality.  An inner o-ring prevents any scratches to your mouthpiece, and also provides a strong hold to prevent slipping.
The Excellente line of ligatures has the same great tonal quality, reed stability and optimum vibration that you have come to expect from Bois Ligatures.  These ligatures are more mellow andsmooth, better  projection, produce effortless intervals from mid-register to high upper-register, high notes are easier to keep in tune, and pianissimos are controlled better and easier to support.